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Updated style and great light!

Lee is just awesome to work with. The lights were worth the small wait. They really were easy to install and now that they’re on, I can’t believe I waited so long. Very much worth it!

Jason J Smith
90 Porsche 911 C4 Coupe

On rails 911

From night to Day light!
These lights seriously light up the sky! And are not only about their cool looks, but their functionality what made me feel best about my purchase was getting to meet Lee in person, he is the true craftsman Artist and designer, and incredibly humble kind and helpful …. which made my purchase that much better, being an artist myself and a craftsman and knowing the time it takes to create, after taking a tour of his shop, and seeing the amount of time he has put into designing and perfecting these headlights is incredible…….

Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next…..

Michael leblovic
85 Porsche 911

Like Porsche would have made them from the start

An absolutely stunning upgrade to my baby the Amethyst 964. The difference is night and day literally. Went with the Raven S in black which I have not regretted. The lights are bright, yet elegant and discrete and does not take anything away from the car. It´s like Porsche would have made them from the start where this technology have been available back then.
I have gotten nothing but great comments and a ton of “wow´s” even from the purists in the Porsche society.
My highest recommendations to 9elevenheadlights and Lee for creating these.

Dennis Kjærsgaard
1991 Porsche 911 (964)

Amazing lights that beats the original

Absolutely thrilled with the quality and epic attention to detail. I can actually see the roads now at dawn lighting and they just make the car look even better. And the service support from Lee has been 2nd to none.

Simon Lau
1992 964

Designer art combined with personal commitment

End of 2017, I was lucky enough to receive one of the first sets that Lee shipped, intended to fit my 1978 911SC. Before I could install them, my car was lost in a complete burn-down of the upholstery shop, over here in the Netherlands. Lee showed unusual levels of compassion with my loss and stayed in touch during the period it took for me to settle the insurance and buy myself a 964 as a ‘comfort-replacement’. Lee supported me throughout the entire process, in getting the units to fit my 964. Photos will soon become available on how my new car drives around Europe with these amazing new headlight units. The quality of the product is amazing, only matched by the level of commitment that the company demonstrates in supporting its customers. Worth so much more then every penny.

Rob Pronk
911SC first and now a 911 964

Best upgrade!

By far one of the best upgrades I could have ever done for my car. The looks aren’t the only thing these lights offer. The construction and detailing is not like anything I’ve seen before. A piece of artwork.

Darek Greer
1985 911 Carrera

Unmatched craftsmanship!

Quality and construction is top notch! The ONLY solution for upgraded headlights.

John Nguyen
1991 964 Targa

Amazing Lights

When building my 964, I knew I wanted to upgrade the lights. After searching the internet, I came across 9eleven headlights. Once installed – it was a night and day difference. These things light up the night like no other and they look amazing. I have the Raven S in black and they complement the Alpine White color and black trim on my 90 964. The light pattern is amazing, doesn’t blind the oncoming traffic and on high beam you can see far, far ahead. I would recommend these lights to anyone looking to upgrade their head lights. Worth every penny!!!

Thomas Herb

No substitute for my Porsche

Everything fits right out of the box. The LED brightness is unreal. If you would modify your Porsche…this should be first on the list.

Henry Au
94 Speedster

Simply Unmatched

These lights are incredible, I ordered a set while my 911 was still on the truck getting shipped to my house. The headlights were the first upgrade I did as soon as I took delivery of the car and they are just as bright as the lights on my new BMW. Lee was amazingly helpful on the phone while I decided on a style and even answered on the weekend when I had a couple install questions. Can’t recommend these lights enough!

Brian Hoel
1977 911s


Top quality and great attention to detail!

mike jeon
1977 911

Raven Headlights – from night to day!

From the moment you open the package your headlights arrive in, through the detail put into the headlights themselves, you’ll be amazed over and over with the quality.
There are slight variations in every car, and my lights were not an ‘exact’ fit, but the tweaking to the mounting tab at the top of the headlight bucket was very minor.
After installing, and patiently waiting for night, I took a drive to test them. Wow! My ’88 Targa had not been a car I would choose to go for a night drive in, but now, I don’t let it stop me. From the previous yellow-ish tinge to a super bright white, I can see everything in my path now!
Thanks Lee, for such a quality product, incredible packaging, and turning night into day!

Steve McNany
1988 Porsche 911 Targa

Fantastic feel in the hand, easy to deal with

I received my lights 3 weeks ago and they lived upto the hype. The headlights looked as good in real life as in the images and the quality is visible. Unfortunately my car still has a way to go before it is ready for the headlights, but I cannot wait to see them fitted.

Brandon Topham
1972 911T
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